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Shamanic Yoga: Breath, Movement & Sound Journey

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Medicine for Mind, Body, Heart & Soul

A series of instructional videos that explore a shamanic approach to yoga, combining breath-centered vinyasa practice with shamanic drum journeying, and chanting with rattle and drum.

What's Included

  • 4 different lengths of vinyasa yoga practice with shamanic drum journey

  • 2 practices combining movement + chanting with drum and rattle to invoke the energy of sun & moon

  • Vedic mantras for peace & transformation

  • Drumming track for shamanic journeying

  • Drone track to accompany chanting

Shamanism is a broad term that refers to nature-based spiritual practices intended for healing and accessing spiritual knowledge and power.

Hatha yoga, in its original intent and form, is a shamanic practice.

For this reason, yoga perfectly complements other shamanic practices like journeying with a drum, rattle, or sacred plants, to connect with power animals, soul guides, and nature spirits.

Hatha vinyasa yoga combines movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness to achieve integration and harmony between mind and body, and cultivate a state of deep inner awareness, sensitivity and receptivity.

About Brian James
Brian James is a yoga teacher, counsellor, musician and shamanic practitioner based on Vancouver Island, Canada where he lives with his wife, astrologer Debbie Stapleton and their two canine companions. For over 25 years he's been exploring the intersections between spirituality, psychology and shamanism. For more information, please visit

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4 Movement + Journey Practices
2 Movement + Chanting Practices
Drumming Track for Solo Journeying
Opening & Closing Mantras
Drone Track to Accompanying Chanting
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Shamanic Yoga: Breath, Movement & Sound Journey

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